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Why Choose FlashCube IT. ?

In today's dynamic technological landscape, finding the right partner to navigate your web design, IT consulting, and managed IT service needs is crucial. At FlashCube IT. we go beyond being just a web design agency or a service provider. We are your trusted partner, committed to propelling your business forward with cutting-edge solutions.
Choose FlashCube IT. for a winning combination of innovation, superior service, and unparalleled value. We understand finding the perfect web design agency near you or the most suitable managed IT service provider can be challenging. Explore our website or contact us today to discuss your specific needs. We are confident we can become your trusted partner in achieving your digital aspirations.

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Bridge the Gap, Fuel Growth: Choose FlashCube IT. for Managed IT Services

In today's fiercely competitive yet ever-evolving technology landscape, choosing the right managed IT service provider is a decision with significant impact. Your selected vendor shouldn't just bridge the development gap with cost-effective solutions, but also stay aligned with your organization's ever-changing technological and business needs. FlashCube IT. emerges as a trusted partner, fostering valuable relationships with clients, vendors, and our internal team. We operate as a collaborative unit, not just a managed IT service provider, but a cohesive extension of your team.

We utilise every resource to equip you with the most accurate and reliable project information. This includes dedicated project researchers, cutting-edge data mining technologies, and strategic collaborations.

Choose FlashCube IT. as your managed IT service provider and experience the lasting impact of a well-made decision. We can become your trusted partner in navigating the ever-evolving world of technology and achieving your business goals. Additionally, we understand you might be searching for a web design agency near you or comprehensive IT consulting services. While we excel in managed IT services, we encourage you to explore our website to discover the full scope of our offerings and how we can best serve your specific needs.

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The most recent technological trends: Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual reality (VR).

The digital landscape is constantly evolving, and web development is no exception. Today, we delve into the most recent technological trends: augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). These immersive technologies are poised to revolutionize the way we interact with the web.

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Our Process



  • Client Needs Comprehension

Initially, we will commence by comprehending your business requirements, goals, budget, and target audience. Our communication channels include email, phone or Skype, as well as face-to-face meetings or workshops.


  • Pre-launch Procedures

At this stage, all the initial work converges under a single umbrella. The templates, programs, and content from the preceding phases will be seamlessly integrated into the final product.


  • Adopting the Latest Technologies

While your website is now live, the development process continues. Sustaining repeat visitors necessitates the regular introduction of new content or products. This can be achieved by updating the site regularly through the Content Management System (CMS), empowering you to independently edit the content areas of the website.

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  • Thorough Research and Analysis

We will formulate a plan for your website, and a detailed sitemap will be generated. The sitemap serves as a guide to comprehend the internal structure of your website, facilitating the creation of Wireframe and Mock designs based on these sitemaps.


  • Turn Imagination into Reality

Our UI/UX designers will enhance the agreed-upon mock-up designs from the planning phase. Concurrently, our developers will focus on coding your website to bring the functional requirements to life. The project coordinator will collaborate with you to collect and prepare all necessary written content.


  • The Website Launch is Now Upon Us

Upon receiving your final approval, it is time to publish the site on the Internet (or your intranet) using the File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Following the upload to the server, the site will undergo one final run-through.

Clearly Defined Pricing

Select the plan that best fits your needs!


$15 - $35

We care for your time. Let’s use the time wisely.

Minimum 100 Hours Get work done as per your needs Pay Hourly Top-up or get refund for unused hours. Hire Hourly/Fixed Cost


$1800 - $4000

Employ a full-time developer as a remote worker & get going.

42.5 Hours Per Week Monday-Friday No Lock-in, Cancel Anytime Hire Fulltime